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Terms of Use

The acceptable material that may be posted here at Cosmic Nexus falls into several main categories. Some of the terms of use below refer back to these categories. They are posted here at the top of this page for easy reference.


Main Categories

• Spiritual services, products and communities.
• Holistic services, products and communities.
• Alternative services, products and communities.
• Conscious business services, products and communities.
• Communities dedicated to developing higher awareness, higher consciousness, spirituality and alternative, green, natural lifestyles (eco-spirituality).


Rules and Guidelines for Use

• You may post notices about your services, events, products and communities providing they fit into one or more of the main categories.

• You may post messages with information that may be of value to anyone that would be interested in topics defined in the main categories.

 • You may post messages that help you find people who are interested in developing a connection with you and/or your group/community provided the area of interest and discussion fits into the scheme of the topics defined in the main categories.

• You may carry on a conversation with resonant others using this board provided the area of interest and discussion fits into the scheme of the topics defined in the main categories.


Prohibited Materials, Activities and Behavior

• Material that promotes, advertises, makes reference to or provides links to illegal activities, such as gambling, prostitution or drug trafficking.

• Material that contains false, misleading or fraudulent information or is  offensive such as content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.

• Material that violates the law or anyone’s rights, including intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights or which harasses or abuses or advocates harassment or abuse of another person.

• Material that is threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous or which  exploits people in a sexual or violent manner.

• Material which solicits personal information from anyone under 18.

• Material which displays profane, violent, pornographic or sexually suggestive text, images or links to such material, such as a link to an adult website.

• Material which contains contact information or private information of any unconsenting third party.

•   Material that involves the transmission or conveyance of  any unsolicited mass mailing, emailing or other communication or provides links to other sites that do.

• Material which constitutes or includes any illegal or unauthorized copies of someone else's copyrighted or copyrightable work.

• Material that promotes illegal activity or contains information about illegal activity.

• Material that solicits passwords or identifying information from other users for commercial or unlawful purposes.

• Material which solicits people or businesses you do not know to add you or accept you as a “friend,” “fan,” “referral,” or any sort of connection on the service that links you to a third party.

• Material which promotes, sells, advertises, serves, or encourages the consumption of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21.


The Agreement and Gift

• By using this site you are agreeing to these Terms of Service and violations of them may result in termination of your priveleges to use this site. This is not a punishment but a gift to the rest of community.

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