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About the Cosmic Nexus Logo
A Symbol of Unity Consciousness and Oneness


The Creation Story

The creation of this logo was highly intuitive. As I searched for stock images that would eventually be composited to create the logo, I really had no conscious idea of what I was looking for exactly. I was being guided by a deep feeling-knowing as to what key words to search on and it thus became a journey of its own.

As I took this journey, I was also feeling an expanding energy presence. I was becoming increasingly aware that there was a holographic energy form that wanted to become embodied in the logo I was then on the path to creating.

I came upon the two images that form the main components of the logo within a matter of minutes of each other after days of searching and not finding anything that felt quite right. I knew immediately that these two images, with a few digital imaging tricks, would be perfect for the logo which was then revealed clearly in my mind.

It was at this moment in time that I felt the holographic energy enter me more completely as it staged in closer for embodiment within the logo. It was informing me about what it wanted as its representative symbol, and in turn I was responding from a very deep intuitive place in my being.

After another couple of day's work the logo was finally born! 

Symbology in the Logo

The circle of hands that is encompassing the entire logo, if you will look closely, are hands from people of different colors, cultures and races.

The circle of hands aspect of the logo represents all of humanity joining hands together in a circle of unity to transcend all national, cultural, racial and other differences in order to find our common ground and oneness with each other for the benefit of our world.

Within the physical and consciousness space encompassed by the circle of hands is another symbol which is comprised of three major strands or streams that are spiraling inward down into their center where all three become unified then vanish where a diadem of light forms there in the center.

Conversely, this can also be seen as the three strands or streams spiraling up and out of the center moving from the Oneness into unified individuated experience and form.

The color of this central symbol with the three strands or streams of energy and consciousness is orange, the color of the second chakra which is the fundamental harmonic of co-creation. To truly co-create with our most unlimited aspects of being, which operate in Oneness, our co-creations must be in harmony with that level of being!

The three strands or streams of energy and consciousness can represent the three primary dimensions of individuated human experience; the Spiritual Soul, the Human Soul and the Natural Soul (Aumakua, Uhane, Unihipili in the Hawiian Huna Tradition; or Neschemah, Ruach and Nephesh in the Holy Kabbalah).

The Cosmic Nexus logo thus symbolizes the various relationships between Absolute Oneness and Individuated Oneness, between collective unity and individual unity in the human experience on all dimensions of being.

Simeon Nartoomid

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