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Welcome to Cosmic Nexus

Cosmic Nexus is meant to be an umbrella vehicle for the diverse number of other online and real-time focuses that I may feel inspired to create or get involved with.

My nature is cosmically eclectic and adventurous, and so you just never know what I may wind up creating!!!

One thing that they will all have in common though, is that they will be serving the underlying purpose(s) for the formation of Cosmic Nexus.

The Cosmic Nexus Purpose

  • To develop our sense of inter-connectedness with each other as human beings.
  • To develop our sense of inter-connectedness with the Universal Brother/Sisterhoods of Light - all beings through all dimensions of the universe.
  • To expand human awareness into the Cosmic Plane of Awareness - the BIG picture.
  • To bring the worlds of human spirituality, friendship and business together into a cohesive and holistic organism that is co-creative, co-supportive and unified.
  • To facilitate world peace through inner peace.
  • To empower people by helping them to experience and know their own true power and Self.
  • To develop a network of people and businesses dedicated to evolving consciousness and creating a better world which represents the formation of the New Earth.
  • To support and facilitate conscious business and conscious everything!

The Cosmic Nexus Mission

  • To develop websites, media and businesses that further our purpose(s).
  • To bring resonant networks of people together to operate as a coherent unified whole to further our purpose(s).
  • To reach out to other people and businesses and offer assistance with making adjustments into the New Earth consciousness of our future world.

See the main menu on left for the businesses and websites that Cosmic Nexus is currently actively engaged with.



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